Elegant crochet summer panama

Such a panama hat looks good both on a girl and an adult woman. It protects the head from the sun, and the fields give a shadow to the eyes. The classic version of such a panama allows you to wear it at any age.

For knitting, you need to calculate the diameter of the crown. To do this, measure the circumference of the head, and divide this value by 3.14. For example, if the circumference is 48 cm, then as a result of dividing by 3.14 you get about 15 cm. In addition, you need to determine the depth of the panama.

The pattern uses 2 types of columns: with one crochet and embossed. We will analyze the method of knitting a embossed column:

• a crochet, the hook is entered not at the top of the lower column, but under the column,

• pull the working thread,

• we knit further, like a crochet post.

Knitting Technique:

Top Panama.

1p / We make a ring, 3 stand, knit in a ring 12 sn, counting and lifting loops.

We tighten a short thread, and we knit a connecting loop.

2 r / 3 stand, double crochet, and we knit 1 rst under the lifting loop, then go rapport * double crochet, 1 cn to the right top of the next loop, again double crochet, and under the same loop 1 rst *, at the end, connecting. It turns out that in each column we knit 2 columns: one regular with a crochet, the second - embossed (f8). As a result, we get 24 columns.

3 r / 3 cc, 1 cc, double crochet and 1 rc under the relief of the previous row, then rapport * 1 cn, 1 cc, 1 rc under the embossed *. The usual column is always knitted in the right vertex of the loop. Embossed - under the embossed previous row.

At the end, we make the connecting in the third loop of the lift.

4 r / 3 vst, then rapport * 1 vst, 1 rst, 1 vst, 1 sn *, at the end one air and connecting.

5/3 vst, at the same point 1 sn, then 1 vst, 1 rst, then rapport * 1 vst, at the top of a regular column we knit 2 sn, 1 vst, 1 rst *, at the end 1 air and connecting to the third lifting loop . The expansion of the circle is due to an additional column to the point with a double crochet.

6 p / 3 cents, there too 1 cn, in the next column we knit 1 cn, 1 cn, 1 rst, 1 cc. To the end of the row, repeat * 2 sn in one column, 1 sn, 1 stand, 1 rst, 1 stand *, at the end connecting. In this row, we already have 3 ordinary double crochets.

Starting from the 7th row, we expand the circle by knitting an additional column in the first column. We knit the rows of a circle until its diameter becomes equal to the calculated one.

All subsequent rows go without expanding the circle. Loops we knit everything: ordinary, embossed columns and air loops.

At the end, we knit 2 rows in each stitch with single crochet.


1p / 3 stand, we knit 4 sn there, skip 2 columns, and knit 1 sc in the right vertex of the third, double crochet, skip 2 columns, and in the third we do 5 sn. To the end of the row, rapport * we skip 2 columns, 1 sc to the top of the third, double crochet, skip 2 columns, in the third 5 cn in one loop *.

At the end of the row, regardless of how many loops are left, we knit 1 sbn to pull the shell to the row.

2 r / 3 standing lift. With the connecting loops we go to the top of the central column of the shell, 1 standing up, double crochet, and in the single crochet column between the two shells we do 6 sn.

Then we go rapport * at the top of the central column of the next shell we knit 1 sbn, make a crochet, and in the single crochet column we make 6 sn * between the shells.

At the end of the row we join the first shell so that the pattern is preserved.

3 r / 3 vst, there also 2 sn, 1 vst, and at the same point 3 more sn.

Further rapport * to the tip of the center of the shell 1 sbn, double crochet, in a single crochet between adjacent shells 3 cn, 1 stand, 3 cn *, connecting.

4 r / Connecting loops go to the middle of the shell, 1 sbn, 2 yarn, and to the column between the shells 7 st2n, then * 1 sbn to the center of the shell, 2 yarn, 7 st2n to the column between the shells *. At the end, join the first shell.

Panama bound.

Optionally, you can tie the edges in any way.

Designations : rst - embossed column, vst-air loop, st2n - double crochet, sbn-single crochet, sn-crochet.