Stylish notebook for men

Notepad is a great option for recording current issues, new ideas, and interesting suggestions. Many people prefer to have a notebook at hand. How to make a notebook not only convenient, but also look beautiful? I propose to make it with my own hands.

For this we need:

- fabric (gray and striped);

- scissors;

- double sided tape;

- glue gun or glue Moment;

- satin ribbon;

- buttons;

- threads and a needle.

So, let's begin!

Step 1. Circle the notebook along the contour, leaving 2 cm on all sides at the edges.

Step 2. Glue double-sided tape, bend the edges (so as not to open).

Step 3. Glue the fabric to the notebook. The base of the notebook is ready.

Step 4. From the striped fabric we cut a triangle with 12 cm sides. At the edges we glue the double-sided tape and bend it.

Step 5. Make a pocket. From the fabric we cut a small rectangle, we sew one of the sides.

Step 6. Make a bow tie. We bend a long satin ribbon in half and stitch it in the middle. To close the seam, in the middle, glue a small piece of tape.

Step 7. We glue everything with a glue gun.

Our stylish notebook is ready! Such an original gift will not leave anyone indifferent.