Beautiful and delicate postcard

Often for a gift we give a greeting card, with pre-prepared verses. Such cards are similar to each other. Over time, looking at her it is difficult to remember who gave it to her. Surprise with such a card will not work. Another thing, if you do it yourself.

For this we need:

- color sheet A4 (lilac, white, pink, green);

- glue;

- pencil (felt-tip pen);

- ordinary and curly scissors.

Step 1. We fold the lilac leaf in half, retreating along the edges of 1 cm, draw a frame.

Step 2. Draw the envelope as shown in the photo.

Step 3. Glue the envelope and glue on the base of the card.

Step 4. From a pink sheet, cut out circles of different diameters. Their number can be any (how many circles you make, there will be so many roses).

Step 5. Make a rose out of a pink circle. Circle cut in a spiral. Gently twist into a circle, pressing with your fingers (it is more convenient to twist into a skewer). At the end, apply glue to the last turn. Thus, we do all the roses.

Step 6. Also, several roses can be cut using curly scissors.

Step 7. The roses are ready!

Step 8. Now proceed to the leaves. We also cut them with ordinary and curly scissors.

Step 9. We begin to glue the roses, as shown in the photo. In this case, do not forget about the leaves.

Step 10. We will make the inscription “For you” (which is translated from English as “For you”). You can print to a printer or write yourself. Cut with curly scissors.

Step 11. Glue the inscription to the card.

Done! The card turned out to be very tender and unusual, everyone will like it.

I wish you creative success!