Basket "Heart" of thread and toothpicks

Instead of sitting and bored, you can engage yourself in a useful business, which in addition will bring a lot of pleasure. Let's take and weave a heart-shaped basket from threads! The task before us is simple, even a child can do it. Such a basket will be a wonderful decoration of a room, a dressing table, a souvenir shelf. In it you can store jewelry, hair clips, various trifles and trinkets. And a handmade product will turn out to be a wonderful gift for any woman, be it mom, girlfriend, teacher or anyone else.

Materials for making a wicker basket:

  • - thick cardboard (preferably corrugated cardboard);

  • - a sheet of plain cardboard;

  • - a sheet of colored paper;

  • - toothpicks - 26 pcs.;

  • - a ball of thread for knitting;

  • - the needle is large;

  • - large beads;

  • - scissors;

  • - PVA glue;

  • - heart pattern.

Manufacturing process:

1. Circle the heart pattern on a piece of corrugated cardboard, as well as on sheets of ordinary cardboard and colored paper. Cut out. We glue the hearts from ordinary cardboard and tight together, then we make holes with the needle at about the same distance from each other. Insert the toothpicks.

2. We start weaving a basket. To do this, we fix the thread on the first toothpick, tying a knot and lowering it down to the bottom. Weave in this way: Thread a thread for a toothpick - before a toothpick, etc.

In the process of weaving, toothpicks can fall over, so you need to hold them with your hands and periodically adjust.

3. When half of the first row is braided, and we were at the toothpick opposite the one where the knot was tied - we wrap the thread around this toothpick and continue to weave further.

4. Weave the remaining half of the row, stop on a toothpick with a knot and do a twist.

5. Weave in the same way further. Weaving every half row and finding yourself on a toothpick with a knot and on the opposite one, you need to do a turn of the thread around this toothpick.

6. The threads should be stitched in a checkerboard pattern, we check this using a single toothpick. If in the first row the thread went after it, then in the second row it should go in front, etc.

7. When a few millimeters remain to the end of the toothpicks, we complete the weaving. To do this, you need to approach the penultimate toothpick - this is the one in front of the toothpick with a knot - tie a knot on it and carefully hide it between the rows.

8. The tops of toothpicks are decorated with beads. To keep them well, we drip PVA glue into the holes.

9. The seam on cardboard can be hidden with a satin ribbon or painted over with paints.

A heart-shaped wicker basket made of toothpicks is ready!