How to sterilize cans in the oven - save time and resources

To save time on sterilizing containers before canning, its total processing in the oven or microwave will help. The procedure will not only save your minutes, but also the consumption of gas or electricity.

Simple points on how to sterilize jars in the oven:

1. Wash glass containers with running water using baking soda. It destroys the possible development of fungi and bacteria. Do not use a detergent whose residues can adversely affect the storage of future workpieces.

2. Place the jars on the wire rack in the cold oven with the bottom down. If you plan to carry out the procedure on a baking sheet, then the bottom should look up. It is recommended to place the container in an unheated cabinet in order to avoid its possible damage from a sharp temperature drop.

3. Put on the preheat oven with contents up to 150-160 degrees.

4. Once the degrees have reached the set point, count down 15 minutes. After that, the sterilization of cans in the oven is considered complete.

Good preservation for you and delicious preparations!