Modular Origami Cactus

To create a craft you will need:

  • A4 color office paper (green, blue, pink, yellow, red);

  • scissors, clerical knife;

  • PVA glue or "Instant gel".

Step-by-step master class

We cut colored paper into small rectangular blanks, each of which is 1/32 part of a standard sheet of office paper. From the rectangles we add paper triangular elements (modules), which will form the basis of the future cactus.

Flower pot

1 row - 18 triangular blanks of blue color with the shorter side forward.

2-3 row - 18 elements of blue color, located longer side out.

4th row - alternation: 1 paper triangle of red color, 2 triangles of blue color.

5th row - alternation: 2 paper triangles in red, 1 - blue.

6th row - alternation: 1 element of blue, 2 red elements.

7th row - alternation: 2 blanks-triangles of blue color, 1 red.

8 row - 30 triangular elements of blue color, inserted with the shorter side forward.

The flower pot for the future cactus is ready!


We start to collect cactus with triples

In total, you need to collect 8 triples from green paper triangles. The resulting blanks are interconnected in a ring

In one row there are 16 triangular elements.

We continue cactus assembly up to 10 rows inclusive.

11th row consists of 8 green paper triangles.

We fix the last row as tightly as possible, trying to bury the maximum amount of free space.

When the cactus base is assembled, it must be carefully inserted into the pot with the narrower side inside the pot


The middle is assembled from red elements.

You will need 10 red triangles in total.

1 row - 5 paper triangles insert the shorter side forward;

2 row - 5 paper triangles insert the longer side from the front side.

We collect the petals from the flower from yellow paper elements.

We begin the assembly with the formation of an arched arch, which consists of nine modules: 4 triangles on the right and 4 on the left, connected by 1 triangular element to each other

Each arch is neatly attached to the core

For reliable fastening, the joint can be glued with any glue for paper and cardboard or transparent super-glue.

Finished flower

neatly place on a cactus.

Craft is ready!