Decorative pillow "Cloud"

Cute decorative pillow "Cloud" is another highlight of your interior. Also, the pillow can serve as a spectacular accessory for a photo shoot, an element of decor for a romantic evening, a bachelorette party, a children's holiday. Such a pillow can be used as a gift to a loved one or a child - the fact that it is made with your own hands will add value to it and make it even more beautiful.

To sew a pillow you need quite a bit:

  • - Pattern in the form of a cloud of the required size;

  • - A piece of fabric of any kind and color;

  • - Filler (cotton wool, synthetic winterizer, holofiber, spanbond);

  • - Threads of a suitable color;

  • - the needle;

  • - A set of safety pins for fixing the material;

  • - Chalk for fabric or marker;

  • - Scissors.

The small size of the pillow makes it possible to sew it without using a sewing machine quickly and easily.

As a filler, you can use any of the above materials that are most available to you. Even many small shreds will do. I had a large piece of spunbond, I used it, cut into strips. As for the patterns, it is better to print the picture of the cloud on two sheets, cutting it in half in a text editor (each half of the picture is on a separate sheet).

So, we start sewing pillows "Cloud".

1. Cut out all parts of the pattern, put it on the wrong side of the fabric and circle. Attention! The fabric should be folded in such a way that the lower border of the cloud coincides with the fold line of the fabric: it will need to be sewn much less.

2. Fix the upper and lower layer of fabric with safety pins so that they do not come off, and two layers can be cut at the same time. Cut the shape of the cloud.

3. Sew both layers from the wrong side, departing slightly from the contour, leaving a little unstitched space with the edge for filling.

4. Remove the pins, unscrew the figure clearly.

5. Tightly fill the pillow with filler. Sew in the filling hole with a hidden seam.

Pillow "Cloud" is ready!

By the way, another idea is to use pads. It was very convenient for me to put it under my stomach or to keep it between my knees during sleep during pregnancy.