Textile doll

Recently, textile dolls have come into fashion. Tilda doll and Big-legged doll are very popular now. Professional needlewomen sew incredibly beautiful dolls. But they have a lot of experience in sewing and professional materials, so such a doll is quite expensive.

But what about mothers who want to make a textile doll with their own hands? You can sew a doll without a sewing machine and without professional seamstress skills, from materials that can be found in every home. For example, flesh-colored fabric can be taken from some old thing (I have this old grandmother’s scarf). The sintepon for filling can be taken from an old soft toy. You will also need knitting threads (or borrow hair from an old Barbie doll). Well, there are threads and needles in every home.

First you need to find and print a pattern (or redraw). On the Internet you will find many similar patterns. I propose to choose the simplest pattern.

We transfer each detail of the pattern to the fabric. Pay attention to the hands, you outline one hand, then flip the pattern and draw the other hand.

Remember to make seam allowances.

We sew all the details. We leave not the stitched part at the top of the head, as well as the feet. We sew the handles completely.

To make the feet, take two ovals from cardboard and glue them with a cloth. Then we put the obtained ovals in the pattern of the legs and flash it.

We turn out the details of the arms and legs with the help of small cuts.

Now we stuff all the details with the padding polyester.

Sew hands and feet, use buttons to hide seams.

Sew the head on top of the head. Seam will close hair.

We take the threads, try them on a doll. We spread it on the head to get a bang in front.

Lay a line on the head to fix the hair. Then we trim the ends of our bangs and align the length of the hair.

Real craftswomen paint a doll’s face with acrylic paints, but you can do it with colorful pens or felt-tip pens.

In order not to bother with clothes, you can sew a sundress for a doll from the sleeve from an unnecessary children's dress.

Just cut off the sleeve, sew on the straps and sew it on the back.

Doll hair can be braided.

This kind of doll can be sewn at home, without special skills and professional materials.