How to sew a cushioned pillow do it yourself

Young children are very fond of sleeping with soft toys. They also love to sleep with lots of pillows. You can combine all the children's desires and sew a pillow, which they nicknamed the kitty cat. And if you have the opportunity to sew several of these pillows, your child will be just happy. Moreover, this is a budget version of the toy. You don’t even have to spend a dime on it if you have fabric and any filler for toys at home (it can be foam rubber or synthetic winterizer from old toys or pillows).

It will be convenient to sew on a sewing machine, but you can sew a cat manually.

Let's make a pattern for small details (ears, legs, arms and tail) The body will be large enough, so we draw it directly on the fabric (on the wrong side, folding the fabric in half). To draw a torso even, you need to draw a half oval, then fold the fabric in half and cut it out. Then cut out the ears. To make them look prettier, you can make the front part of a bright fabric. Also from another fabric are cut-out parts for pens.

We sew all the details. We sew the arms and legs completely. When stitching the body, leave an unstitched area in the tail area.

To turn the legs and arms back, make small cuts. Then we turn it out and fill it with a synthetic winterizer.

We also fill the ears with a padding polyester, then we make two cuts in the body and insert the ears there as shown in the photo and draw a line. Then we turn the torso and fill it with a padding polyester. No need to stuff tight, the body should be soft.

Sew the cuts on the handles and legs. Fill it a little with sintepon.

We take two large buttons and with them we sew the handles.

Why sew the legs. Insert the tail into the hole and lay the line.

It remains only to make the cat eyes and nose. If you can embroider, you can embroider eyes. Or just draw with a black pen or marker.

For decoration, you can tie a bow in the eye.

Pillow toy is ready.