Quilling painting “Forest Fairy”

The quilling technique allows needlewomen to show all their imagination. As a result of simple manipulations, paper stripes turn into spiral blanks, from which voluminous crafts and paintings can be made. And if you combine several techniques (quilling, contouring quilling and application), you get a very beautiful panel.

From this detailed workshop you will learn the secrets of making the painting “Forest Fairy”.

To work, you need to collect the following set of materials and tools:

  • - a sheet of white cardboard;

  • - graphic drawing of a girl in profile;

  • - a sheet of golden paper;

  • - scissors;

  • - a piece of black cardboard;

  • - stripes for quilling of a different shade;

  • - tube with PVA glue;

  • - wooden skewer;

  • - a frame.

    Three techniques will be applied in the work: conventional application, quilling and contour quilling.

    As a basis, you can use a sheet of plain white cardboard. Still need an image of a girl in profile. You can find it on the Internet and print it on a piece of paper.

    First, take a piece of golden paper and a drawing of a girl.

    Attach a color sheet under the drawing and cut out only the face of the girl with the neck.

    Glue it on white cardboard, slightly shifting to the left of the center.

    Cut out cilia and eyebrow from a piece of black cardboard, glue them on your face.

    From a thin red strip for quilling, form sponges.

    Now go on to making hair. They will be unusual, formed from quilling elements.

    Pick up colorful stripes. From a piece of strip, make a blank in the shape of a droplet and glue it onto the base (this is the contour quilling technique in which the strips are glued with the end side). Fill the middle of each droplet with other smaller elements. To make them, you need to wind the stripes on a wooden stick, and from the resulting spirals to form different elements.

    Gradually, you will get the magnificent hair of a fairy girl.

    It remains only to decorate empty places with free spirals.

    The picture is ready! The result of hard work was such an unusual forest fairy with delicate patterns in her hair.

    Place the picture in a frame and hang it in the corridor, hallway or bedroom.

    The craft looks original and attractive!

    If you are not accustomed to such brightness, then create images in white or black colors. They turn out more restrained, but equally magnificent.

    It is enough to try your strength once in the techniques of quilling and contour quilling to fall in love with them forever. After the first work, it will be impossible to stop. Dozens of new ideas will begin to appear in your head, and the desire to bring them to life will not give rest for a minute.