To sew a bunny with your own hands

Every mother wants the child to have only high-quality toys, but you cannot be sure that the toy is made of hypoallergenic materials. And you can sew a bunny soft toy with your own hands and decide for yourself what materials it will be from. Many toys are easy enough to sew, even a beginner can easily cope with this. For example, you can sew a bunny for your child.

First, draw a hare pattern on paper and cut it out. Then take any light fabric, you can even take an old T-shirt.

Draw a pattern on a double folded fabric with the sides inward. Cut, leaving allowances at the edges.

Then stitch the fabric with needles and sew along the line. In order to turn out, make an incision on the front side, in the place where the eyes will be.

Turn and straighten all the seams.

Stuffing a toy is better with a synthetic winterizer. It’s not worth stuffing tightly so that the toy is soft and pleasant to the child’s touch. Start stuffing paws first, and then the body and head.

Now you need to sew up the incision. Eyes can be made of white felt or any soft fabric.

First, cut out two circles and embroider the eyes with thread. Then sew in a circle of eyes to the toy. To make the eyes more voluminous, you can put a little sintepon inside.

At the end, we embroider with black thread a nose, circles on the legs and a cross on the stomach. It is convenient to embroider a needle backwards.

This is such a funny bunny. Please your kids more often with new toys at no cost.