Basket of jars of sour cream and satin ribbons

A creative person can turn any unnecessary thing into a real masterpiece of art! The same goes for a regular plastic sour cream jar. Instead of sending her to the bin, make her a useful and beautiful souvenir!

Such a basket will effectively decorate a souvenir shelf, and also will serve faithfully in the storage of women's little things - jewelry, hairpins, sewing supplies. You can put a present in the basket and give it to some girl, girl or woman for any occasion. And another idea of ​​using baskets of plastic cans and ribbons is the decor of the festive table.


  • Sour cream jar of round shape (400-450 g);

  • Wide satin ribbon (2-2.5 cm wide) - 1.5 m;

  • Narrow satin ribbon (0.5-1 cm wide) for the handle - 72 cm;

  • A piece of lace or lace - its length is equal to the circumference of the jar;

  • A small piece of fabric;

  • Knife (stationery or ordinary kitchen);

  • Scissors;

  • Ruler;

  • Glue (any available, but it is more convenient to use hot);

  • A simple pencil or fabric chalk.

    Making a basket:

    1. Cut the bottom of the can with a knife.

    2. On the inside of the bottom we apply glue and apply it to the tissue cut. Cut a circle along the contour of the bottom.

    3. Apply glue to the outside of the bottom, apply to the tissue cut. Cut a circle with a 1 cm edging so that on each side the fabric is 1 cm wider than the plastic bottom.

    4. We fasten the wide satin ribbon with glue from the inside of the can and start wrapping the walls. Wrap with a slight slope, overlapping, from bottom to top or top to bottom.

    5. When the whole jar is wrapped, hide the edge of the ribbon under the previous layer.

    6. Place the bottom inside the jar.

    9. So that it does not fall out, we apply a strip of glue in a circle outside and inside.

    10. On the upper edge of the jar we apply glue, attach the braid (or lace).

    11. To make a pen, cut off 3 pieces of 24 cm narrow satin ribbon, glue them together with one edge.

    12. Weave a braid from ribbons.

    13. On the sides of the jar between the layers of tape we fix with glue the edges of the pigtails.

    14. We make out a basket with bows from ribbons and braid.

    A cute souvenir basket from a plastic jar and satin ribbons is ready!