Bead and sequin embroidery on trousers

Bead embroidery will help to turn the most ordinary summer pants into a unique thing. You can add sequins or bugles to it, this will make the finished picture more brilliant and eye-catching.

Before work, you must select a picture, this will help the Internet or magazines with motives for embroidery. Then we transfer the pattern to the fabric using a special crayon or a simple pencil. And you can start embroidering.

A beginner needlewoman can try her hand by choosing the simplest motive possible. A twig with a furry end and butterflies are perfect.


  • beads (white, transparent pearly large and small);

  • sequins (metallic, dairy, cream);

  • monofilament or silk threads;

  • scissors.

Implementation Instructions

The largest part of the branch here consists of stripes that bend slightly in an arc. Sew sequins along each such strip. We fix it with pearl transparent beads. The sequins at the very tip of the twig are made lighter, and we select large beads for them. Some branches can be made entirely from beads. And on the edge, sew one sequin of milk shade.

All stripes should converge together, gathering on the stem. We embroider it with metallic sequins.

The second (smaller) branch consists of a small bunch. We do it like this: we collect bead, sequin, bead on the thread, sew on. In this case, the embroidery will acquire a special volume. We make veins of the bunch by sewing in a row the desired number of sequins. Between them we sew some sequins with a single bead.

We translate the pattern of the butterfly onto the fabric. Sew white small beads along the line. We try to make stitches (and the distance between the beads) the same.