RAM spinner

I know about him, probably, everything from small to large. You can buy almost anywhere. Shops with groceries. What can we say about hypermarkets and supermarkets.

I decided to keep up with the general enthusiasm and created my own design.

My old motherboard was lying around, and on it ...

To make a spinner, we need:

- RAM, the one from the old motherboard;

- bearing;

- feather drill and drill;

- file.

The first step is to remove the chips in the center of our RAM. You can solder without sparing chips. You can first cut off the legs, and then solder off the residues.

I removed the bearing from the old fan. Diameter 16 mm. Screwed on the screw. I inserted it into the drill and scrubbed it in kerosene. After greased with Teflon grease and left to wait in due time.

In the center of the RAM, I drilled a hole with a 12 mm pen drill and adjusted it to 16 mm with a file. Pre-twisting the two bars with screws. So they became stiff and did not move during doping.

When the hole is fitted, take the bearing and carefully drive it into the slats.

After installing the bearing, the nuts on the screws were fixed with super glue.

Spinner is ready. Now you can twist it as you like.