Concrete baskets

Beautiful, and most importantly, original simple baskets for a summer residence or garden can be made with your own hands from all available materials. You can plant flowers in these baskets and everything will look very cool.

We will need all two things: concrete and a piece of any unnecessary rag.

Make concrete

I will make concrete from the remains of tile glue. In general, any residues from construction can be used: cement, tile glue, a mixture for bulk floors, etc.

Knead concrete - mixing the mixture with water. The mixture should be a little thinner than usual, so that there are no extra irregularities and lumps.

Make a basket

Now we take a piece of a square rag - I tore an old shirt. Dip this piece into concrete. Then, we pull out and hang on a round column made of 2-3 cans of paint, set on top of each other.

Now we wait until everything hardens. It depends on the mixture you used. Usually it is no more than 24 hours.

After drying, carefully remove our flower basket. That's all - the basket is ready.

I settled on this, but you can cover the basket with paint so that it looks better.

Having made 10-15 such cheap baskets at a time, you will decorate your entire garden, creating indescribable beauty and comfort.