Little tricks for great good

Many people know how much time is wasted searching for a particular tool, hardware, etc. Each item must have its own permanent place, one must be convenient, universal and affordable. There are some tips on how to make basic devices to facilitate work.

Tool holder

Pencils, small brushes, felt-tip pens, pen drills and other thin and small objects are lost most often. It is recommended that they be fixed on vertical surfaces at any convenient place in the workshop.

Use plastic cable ties to secure the electrical wiring cable.

Nail them with the right step to the wooden board, pencils and other objects of the corresponding diameter securely snap into the clamps, are not lost and are always in sight.

We facilitate cleaning and the search for small hardware

Most often, such hardware is stored in jars, there are mixed bolts, carnations, screws and other small items of various diameters and lengths. To find the right one, you have to pour out the entire jar, and then collect them back into the container - time and nerves are lost.

The fixture is simple - pour all the hardware into a plastic bag with a lock and in this form store in a jar.

To search for the desired element, it is enough to get the bag, align the hardware in thickness, find and get the required one.

How to close the can of paint if the lid is broken or lost

Plastic factory covers often crack after several openings and do not provide tight storage.

Instead of a container lid, you can wrap it tightly with food or technical plastic wrap. It is used on all types of containers, both plastic and metal,

Keep wooden sticks in your workshop

Why can they come in handy:

1. For mixing small volumes of paint.

2. To grease the holes of the hinges with grease.

3. For the preparation of potassium permanganate solution as a measuring device.

4. For applying wood glue into the holes for the dowels.

5. For painting small surfaces. Previously, a strip of foam is glued to the stick with double-sided tape.

And much, much more can be done thanks to them.

Disposable plastic or paper cups

They are very convenient to fold small parts of complex mechanisms during disassembly. In each, you need to put hardware from disassembling a separate node. So they are not only not lost, but the process of assembling the mechanism is much simplified.

How easier it is to putty holes in a tree from nails

After puttying by the usual method, a large area with putty remains on the surface of the board, which is always striking to the professional.

Before finishing nails, stick a piece of masking tape on the board at the fixation point.

Finish the hardware and drown his hat.

Seal the recess with putty and remove the adhesive tape. The material will fill only the hole, adjacent even areas will remain clean.

After the putty hardens, smooth the surface with fine sandpaper.

How to fix a drill chuck if it slips

The cams of the old cartridges are so worn out that even with a strong tightening of the cartridge, the drill rotates.

Weld on the end of the drill, inserted into the chuck, a small tubercle. Work carefully, do not overheat the metal, otherwise it can lead to the side when cooling.

Remove the slag and trim the seam on emery, grind the sides to a triangle.

Now the drill will abut against the side parts of the cams and will not turn itself spontaneously.


This is just a short list of the simplest devices, professional craftsmen come up with a lot of their own depending on the tool used and the problems that arise when working.