Gray bird

From old and unnecessary clothes you can make a good decoration for your home or car with your own hands, for example, a keychain or a toy. I got a nice gray sparkling toy bird from old tights. For its manufacture, I needed one week of time and the necessary materials with tools, such as:

  • - Cardboard and pencil for sample preparation;

  • - Scissors, sewing needle;

  • - Gray fabric from tights;

  • - The threads are black;

  • - glue;

  • - Needles for stabbing;

  • - Translucent sparkling plastic sheet;

  • - Varnish of white color;

  • - Filler (cotton wool);

  • - Medium brown beads;

  • - Cardboard and varnish for the preparation of the beak;

  • - A piece of orange cloth for the foot.

First you need to choose a template for making a toy. The template can be easily found on the Internet; I decided to make a body sample first:

Next, I take a gray fabric and fold it twice, then pin a cardboard sample to it, and cut it out with an indent for allowance (from 0.5 cm.).

From another piece of cardboard you need to make a detail of the beak and paint it with varnish. Here you can take nail polish:

After that, you need to take a translucent plastic sheet and cut feather parts and thin strips from it in order to make wings out of them:

Next, I make stitches on the fabric in the shape of the sample. I put the beak detail inside and sew it:

Now, from the cut plastic strips, I glue six parts for the wings and the same parts for the tail, using adhesive tape. I fold the strips in half and cut off the excess areas:

We need to turn out the detail of the body from the inside and sew eyes to it. As eyes, you can take medium brown beads:

Next, I stick wings and a tail to the body of the toy. Details of the wings, consisting of three plastic feathers, I add three more.

This is what my almost finished toy looks like:

Next, I glue the details of the long white feathers to the tail so that the tail does not seem too short, and I decided to paste the wings and tail with cotton:

Now I take an orange viscose fabric and cut out one detail of the paw from it:

I sew it on the outside with a stitching seam, filling the inner space with cotton:

Further, in order for the finished toy to be hung by a nail in any of the rooms or in the car, you can sew on it, for example, a piece of a thin ribbon. I choose a silver floss thread with a white bead for sewing:

I sew this thread to the craft:

Now our toy gray bird is ready:

Sincerely, Vorobyov Dinara.