How to boil eggs so they can be cleaned quickly and easily

Are you going to make salads for the holiday? Naturally, you will need to cook a dozen eggs in a steep minimum. And then clean them. For some, this is a whole problem. If for you too, then after this life hack everything will be several times faster, because the eggs during the cleaning will practically fall out of the shell themselves.

It sounds like a fairy tale, but the whole point is a scientific approach. Ordinary physics, we will use a sharp temperature drop and then everything will go like clockwork.

This cooking process is suitable for any number of eggs.

Will need

  • Tap water.

  • Casserole necessary volume.

  • Naturally, the eggs themselves.

  • Ice from the freezer. That is, you can freeze it in advance if you do not store it just like that.

Trick: how to cook eggs so that they are easy to clean

We take a saucepan and pour ordinary water from the tap. Do not pour to the top, otherwise the eggs will not fit.

We put on the stove and bring to a boil. As soon as the water begins to boil, carefully lay the eggs one at a time. This is the first trick - that is, eggs should be put in boiling water.

Next, set the timer for 13 minutes and wait for the preparation.

How much the timer signal sounded, take a pan, put it in the sink. Then we pour in cold water from the tap.

It is not necessary to drain boiling water, since a good stream of water will quickly displace hot water. Let's wait until everything runs for about 1 minute.

Further, the second secret: we take out ice from the freezer and throw it to the pan to the maximum .

We wait 3-5 minutes and can be pulled out.

Now you don’t have to pick anything for a long time to clean the egg. The shell itself seems to slip off. It takes seconds to clean one thing!

The cooked product according to our recipe has not lost absolutely no properties compared to conventional cooking.

The egg is perfectly cut and does not crumble, but what else is needed for the salad ....

Do not forget to save this lafhak! Bye everyone and bon appetit!