Children's hat with ears

Knitting baby things is a pleasure. It takes a little time to produce them, and materials too. And you can dream up anything in the decor.

So I decided to treat my granddaughter with a new hat. I always have a lot of yarn in stock. And new skeins, and leftovers. The yarn is different in texture, thickness, color. This time I decided to knit a simple little white hat. My yarn is buklirovanny and ordinary acrylic (Pechork factory). I wound them in one ball to make it easier to knit. It took about 100 grams of yarn and four hours for a hat for a child of three years.

I decided to knit with knitting needles No. 2 and still prepared a hook of the same size for stitching a hat and knitting a flower. Yes, you will still need a regular needle and button.

My granddaughter’s head volume is 48 cm. I also measured her head from the end of the forehead (or the beginning of hair growth) to the neck. I got 30 cm. This size needs to be divided into two to find out the height of the hat.

I scored 84 loops on the knitting needles and knitted four rows with a 2 by 2 elastic band (two front loops, two wrong loops).

Then I knitted with a garter stitch (all rows with facial loops) without any additions or decreases until I got a rectangle of 46 by 15 cm in size.I closed the loops of the last row with a hook and, without tearing the thread, hooked the rectangle into a cylinder (or pipe) . The thread tore off (can be cut with scissors). The product is turned on the front side.

After that, she folded the pipe so that the seam turned out to be in the middle, and crocheted the top along the front. The result is such a hat. To make it more fun and interesting, I made ears on the hat: I sewed two diagonals at the corners of the hat with a white needle (with those that I knitted, but not knitted).

Finally, she decided to decorate the hat with a voluminous flower. You can connect any, there are a lot of schemes and videos on the Internet. I know several ways of knitting three-dimensional flowers, I used one of these.

I knitted a flower of smooth threads, like a folder. The same thread sewed a flower on a hat with an ordinary needle, sewed a button in the middle.

Everything, a hat with ears and a decorative flower is ready. Granddaughter appreciated my work, she liked it. She wears this white hat with pleasure.