How to reduce HDD noise to a minimum

Who would not say that, but from magnetic hard drives (HDD) for a long time nowhere to go. Most modern computers are now sold with two drives: solid-state - for the speed of the system and classic magnetic - for storing large amounts of data. Of course, there are solid-state drives for large volumes, but I’m afraid most ordinary users can’t afford them, and their resource, in fact, is more limited.

Computer noise is very unpleasant during operation. And basically it consists of two components: the noise of the cooling system fans and vibration through the housing from the HDD.

The cooling system can be easily modified or configured programmatically if your equipment allows it. But there is a problem with vibration from the hard drive. Everything is noisy, the whole hum is transmitted through a metal case and amplifies at times. If the system unit is on the table in addition there is an unpleasant low-frequency vibration, which is clearly felt.

But all these shortcomings of HDD operation can be minimized by an extremely simple revision.

Will need

  • A piece of rubber. It can be taken from the bicycle camera.

Minimize HDD Noise

We take the rubber and cut it into strips about 0.5-1 cm wide.

Using these strips, we will mount our HDD in the computer case. Thanks to what vibration will not be transmitted to the body.

It is necessary to make 4 pieces 3-4 cm long. With an awl we make holes along the edges, we pass the screws and attach to the HDD.

And already further in the free space of the case we attach a hard drive.

We fix with screws.

It turns out like a disk is floating in the air.

Now spurious vibration is not transmitted anywhere. If you repeat this advice, you will certainly be surprised how quietly your computer began to work.


If you rarely use a hard drive (only for data storage, and the system is installed on a solid-state drive), then in the system settings you can set the energy-saving mode and then the magnetic disk will turn off while not in use. This will not only reduce the overall noise of the system, but also save your electricity.