We sew a mask for sleep using satin ribbons

A mask for sleeping is a very interesting accessory that gives free rein to imagination. You can make it from almost anything, while it does not lose its practicality. A clear confirmation of this can serve as a mask made using satin ribbons. Of course, you will have to spend a lot of time sewing it, but the result will exceed all expectations.

So, for work you will need:

  1. Mask pattern;

  2. White non-woven adhesive pad;

  3. Satin ribbons;

  4. White satin on the wrong side of the mask;

  5. White calico on a bag under dried flowers;

  6. White satin slanting trim;

  7. Sewing thread;

  8. Needle for hand sewing;

  9. Scissors;

  10. Chalk and a simple pencil for cutting;

  11. Iron;

  12. Sewing machine;

  13. Dried flowers of Crimean lavender;

  14. Openwork elastic band of white color;

  15. Safety pins.

On a piece of adhesive pads, slightly larger than the sleep mask, draw the outline of the future product. You need to draw on the glue side of the gasket.

Then this blank must be placed on the surface of the ironing board with the pattern facing up.

Using pins, you need to fix the pieces of satin ribbons on the surface of the adhesive strip. By fantasizing and crossing ribbons in a certain order, one can successfully imitate the weaving of fabric.

After completing the final layout of the tapes on the front surface of the mask, they must be fixed by gluing to the base with an iron.

Excess tapes and adhesive pads need to be cut off according to the previously applied contour, so that as a result a mask detail is obtained that is ready for further processing.

The inside of the mask must be cut out with a cut, where the sachet with dried flowers will be inserted.

The cut allowances must be ironed on the wrong side of the parts.

Then the edges of the cut must be hemmed by folding in half the width inward.

The front and back sides of the mask should be folded together and swept around the perimeter with hand stitches.

Then you need to notice the openwork gum. Its length, as a rule, is determined empirically.

The edges of the sleep mask need to be edged with a satin trim. First of all, it must be ground from the front of the product.

Then its edge should be marked out, and then scribbled on the wrong side of the mask.

From coarse calico you need to sew a small bag for lavender dried flowers. The sleep mask can always be washed, just pull the sachet out of it.

Unusual mask for sleeping is completely ready! Now you can admire your work.

Have a nice sleep!