Portable solar power station for camping, hiking

This is a fully-fledged miniature solar power station. The thing is extremely useful in the conditions of a hike, outdoor recreation and everywhere where there is no electricity and there is sunlight. With it, you can pump up an air mattress or a boat, take a shower or wash a car, charge any gadgets and devices, connect lighting. The built-in battery power is enough for everything.

To collect such a useful little thing is within the power of everyone, here you will not need much knowledge of electronics.

Will need

1. The 12A 7A / H battery can be bought in stores with electrics or on AliExpress.

2. The case, the plastic box 85 mm x 230 mm x 150 mm can be bought in stores with electrics or on AliExpress.

3. 18V Solar Panel - Ali Express.

4. Charging controller - AliExpress.

5. Switch - AliExpress.

6. Button - Ali Express.

7. Wires to connect.

8. LED line - AliExpress.

9. Panel 3 in 1: cigarette lighter, USB socket, voltmeter - AliExpress.

10. Dimmer - Ali Express.

Manufacturing a Solar Power Station

In the box, drill three holes for the cigarette lighter, dual USB sockets and a voltmeter.

Install them and fix with screws. We also drill a hole next to the voltmeter and install the button without fixing. It is needed in order to turn on the voltmeter when you need to determine the approximate state of the battery.

Further in the center we drill a small hole into which wires from the solar panel will be threaded.

We will mount the solar panel on double-sided tape. Glue it. Solder the wires to the panel.

Install the panel.

On the side we drill a hole and install a switch that will completely turn off the panel. It is needed so that the battery does not burst at the moment of inactivity of the power plant.

From the opposite side we glue the LED ruler.

To regulate the strength of its glow, a dimmer will be used.

We disassemble it from the native case. Install a variable resistor.

For the convenience of carrying, we attach a handle from an aluminum strip.

Assembly of the whole circuit

This device uses the simplest charge controller. On it, icons show where the battery, panel and load are connected. Such a controller will protect the battery from full discharge or overcharging.

We connect to the battery through the switch. We attach the battery to the case using double-sided tape or, as in my case, using special adhesive rubber.

From the controller, output is sent to all consumers.

And the solar panel is connected.

Light goes through a dimmer.

Ready device before closing the lid.

A battery outlet is additionally made on the side so that you can charge the battery from a third-party charger. Indeed, even if there is no sun, then it can be completely used as a bank.

Solar power station at work

Check the voltage.

What do we have in total

  • Two USB outputs for charging two devices simultaneously.

  • Cigarette lighter socket with 12 V.

  • Dimmable light source.

The presence of an acid battery in its composition is still a plus compared to lithium-ion batteries, since it is not afraid of subzero temperatures.

The device is very useful, especially in case of a zombie apocalypse))

The plans to collect more powerful. Bye everyone!

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