Korean Cucumbers - Favorite Snack

Korean cucumbers, this is a very aromatic and tasty snack for the winter. Dainties with light marinade and garlic will be an excellent addition to potato side dishes, meat and fish dishes. And these cucumbers look great on the festive table. Crispy, with a sweet and sour note and garlic, such cucumbers will be appreciated.

Having prepared cucumbers in this way, they can be closed in banks for the winter or eat the next day, like a salad.


And for cooking we will prepare the following products:

  • - cucumbers - 1 kg;

  • - carrots - 2 pcs;

  • - garlic - 1/2 head;

  • - vinegar 9% - 65-70 ml;

  • - vegetable oil - 50 ml;

  • - sugar - 40 g;

  • - salt - 1 tsp;

  • - coriander - 1/2 tsp;

  • - seasoning for Korean carrots - to taste.


It is necessary to take not large, young cucumbers. Soak in water for a while and wash thoroughly from sand. Lay out with a sieve, allow time to dry and drain.

Using a curly cheese knife, chop the cucumbers.

We clean the carrots, remove the husk from the cloves of garlic.

Applying grater in Korean, three carrots with straws.

According to the recipe we prepare spices.

We spread carrots and cucumbers in a deep bowl. Aromatic spices for marinade combine with vegetables. We send a bowl of vegetables in the refrigerator for a day.

After a day, mix the vegetables thoroughly. We fill sterilized jars with pickled vegetables. We fill each jar with the allocated juice. At the bottom of the pan, lay out a napkin and put jars. On the shoulders of banks fill with water. From the moment of boiling, sterilize no more than 15 minutes.

Korean appetizer in a sweet and sour spicy marinade ready. Roll up the lids, turn over and wrap it well with a blanket until it cools.

Cucumbers that did not fit in the cans had already been marinated; they can already be served to the table, like a salad.

The amount of spices for the marinade can be adjusted according to individual taste!