Never buy ball valves without checking on my recommendation

All masters are well aware of the low physical strength parameters of silumin - the most used stainless alloy in low-quality Chinese products. Even with minor static loads, the water fittings crack after a few months, the consequences of such situations are very unpleasant. In the best case, the crane will break during dismantling and you will have to remove the threaded part from the internal thread. In the worst case, an expensive unscheduled repair of premises due to flooding. There is an easy way to check the quality of ball valves.

What you need to have

The permanent magnet is small and should fit inside the tap.

Verification technology

Slightly smarter manufacturers prove to consumers that the crane body is not made of silumin. To this end, threads with open areas of turning are shown, the inner surface of the body also has a yellow color. But they continue to try to reduce production costs as much as possible and use less high-quality but cheaper metals in the manufacture of individual parts.

The main element of tap sealing is a special ball with a hole that rotates in the body. Chinese dishonest manufacturers use ordinary ferrous metals instead of stainless alloys to make the ball. The surfaces are chrome-plated, become shiny and beautiful, at first the design works perfectly. Over time, the protective anticorrosion coating breaks the integrity, the ball becomes rusty, the valve sticks in the open or closed position.

To determine the material for making the ball, use a small magnet, lower it into the tap, turn the body over. If the magnet sticks and does not fall out - you have a poor-quality tap. The magnet is not attracted to bronze or stainless steel.

When choosing fittings, be sure to pay attention that all elements of the devices are made of bronze or brass, and not silumin or ferrous metals.


Do not think that all Chinese products are of low quality, this country is far ahead of us in terms of technical development. Poor-quality products come to us through the fault of domestic traders who buy various fakes at the lowest price.

Valves with metal ball valves can only be used for air pipelines, for all other options it is strongly recommended to buy high-quality and durable fittings.