Smelting aluminum cans into bullion at home

Despite the fact that aluminum has a much higher melting point compared to tin or lead, it is quite simple to re-melt it at home using a conventional gas burner. In particular, aluminum cans from various drinks, which are so common, can simply be melted into metal ingots.

Will need

  • Aluminum cans of any size.

  • Gas-burner.

  • Forms: for melting and for pouring.

    Remelting Technology

    We take and flatten all the cans with a foot or a hammer, trying to make them as compact as possible.

    We set the mold for melting on a metal base - in this case, it is a case from the computer’s power supply. We light the burner. We put the crumpled jar into the mold. And we begin to straighten the burner.

    After 10-15 seconds, the abundant heating of the bank will melt.

    Until everything has cooled, add another jar and also melt.

    Scale is thrown back with a metal stick.

    Pour molten aluminum into the casting mold.

    We continue to warm up so that everything flows out pretty well in shape.

    Turn off the burner and wait for the ingot to cool.

    As a result, you can deposit a whole bunch of ingots.

    Be careful: be sure to use eye and hand protection!