How to make a skirt (funnel) at the end of a PVC pipe

Plastic pipes are very favorably different from steel pipes: they do not rust, they are quick and convenient to work with. Somehow I did a drain for the house and I needed a pipe with an extension at the end in the form of a funnel. I did not find such on sale, I decided to do it myself and as it turned out not in vain. The whole procedure took no more than 5 minutes and in the end I got the product I needed.

Will need

  • The plastic pipe itself.

  • Construction hair dryer.

  • Wooden stand - rectangular plank.

  • Metal bowl for molding. In the kitchen you can find similar dishes. Not necessarily stainless steel as in this example, but metal.

How to make a skirt at the end of a PVC pipe

We put the cup on a wooden base - so it will not transfer heat to other objects. Turn on the building hair dryer. We take the pipe and begin to heat its end evenly around the circumference.

Next, put on the bowl and continue uniform heating of both the pipe and the bowl. Constantly rotate the pipe for greater uniformity of heating and a little pressure on it so that the plastic crawls in shape.

In order not to overdo it, we will reduce the temperature of the hair dryer a little, since the main heating has already occurred. And we continue to warm the end.

As soon as the desired result is achieved, turn off the hair dryer, but do not remove the pipe from the bowl, let it cool.

After cooling, it can be removed.

Everything is quite simple and does not require any great effort and a lot of time.