Christmas tree made of beads

Needlewoman for beadwork inspires every season. For example, to create a festive atmosphere right now, you can make a herringbone from beads. If you choose the right materials, then the tree turns out to be very realistic. The combination of two shades of green creates smooth transitions from young tips to older needles. And the mother-of-pearl shine allows the Christmas tree branches to sparkle slightly, as if in frost.

Materials for work:

  • beads No. 8 (green translucent pearl) - 40 g;

  • beads No. 8 (transparent with a stained turquoise center) - 15 g;

  • wire - 7 m;

  • champagne cork;

  • wooden skewer;

  • awl.

Christmas tree creation instructions

Cut off a piece of wire. We make it of arbitrary length, but not very short. The main thing is to make it convenient to work. We pick up the beads. Alternating 15 pcs. transparent green, 5 pcs. turquoise and again 15 pcs. green.

We turn a loop from a section of wire with beads. Leave on the edge about 7 cm. Fix the loop with a few twists of wire.

At the long end of the wire, we collect the same sequence of beads. We make the second loop.

We continue to form loops until the wire section ends. Here - 10 pieces came out. From the next section of the wire we form the same loops. There should be at least 25 of them.

Then reduce the size of the loops. We collect them from a combination of shades of beads 9 - 4 - 9. Such loops also need about 20.

If the number of loops has already been dialed, and the wire has not yet ended, you can continue to dial loops, only smaller ones. The following blanks will consist of a combination of 8 - 3 - 8. We make about ten of these loops.

We will collect the Christmas tree on a wooden skewer. Having departed from the sharp edge of 3 cm, we wind the workpiece with the largest loops. We wrap the free tip of the wire around the skewer.

We bend the loops from the “trunk” so that it is convenient to wind the next element.

When the big ones end, take the loops a little smaller.

We take the smallest ones last.

We make the “crown” for the Christmas tree made of beads from several loops: 16-5 - 16 (1 pc.); 12-5-12 (3 pcs.). Each folded in half, and tightly pressed the halves to each other. We cut the wooden skewer when all the loops are over. We fasten to the very edge of the "crown". We place it strictly vertically.

We’ll make a “little wreath” for the Christmas tree from cork from champagne. To do this, just cut it in half with a sharp knife. We make the cut even so that the Christmas tree is stable.

With an awl we make a hole in the cork hemp.

Insert a wooden skewer into it. You can do this before assembling the Christmas tree.

Or when she will be completely ready.

It remains to spread all the branches, giving the Christmas tree the desired shape.