A way to instantly thread a needle without any tools

You will definitely take this method into service when you learn how easy it is to thread a needle in a matter of seconds. This will not require any additional devices.

In this example, a needle with a big eye will be used for clarity, so do not worry: this truly magical method works for any needles and threads.

Probably it’s not worth recalling how much inconvenience, time and effort it takes to get the needle into the thread in the classical way: first lick the tip of the thread, and then like a musketeer with one eye aims at the eye periodically missing.

Thread the needle instantly

We take the thread and put it on our palm so that it lies on a pillow near the index finger.

We put the needle on top so that the eyelet hole is in the middle of the thread.

Pressing on the needle, we begin to drive it along the thread "back and forth".

GIF animation for clarity - click to run.

And you won’t believe it: in a second the thread in itself will fit into the eye!

Then it remains only to pull one end of the thread holding the turn. And everything will be as it should.

For small needles, it will certainly be a little harder to do this method, but not by much.

I want to add that this method requires skill and the first time you may just not succeed. Therefore, you need to try 2-3 times to consolidate the result and everything will fall into place. Such a useful life hack will definitely burst into your life. Good luck

More details in the video.