How to make a vacuum packer from a syringe

Many people know that the presence of air in the environment of the products significantly reduces their shelf life. This is due to the fact that air has a beneficial effect on the reproduction of harmful bacteria. Moreover, it itself contains many organisms from bacteria to fungi. Repeatedly conducted experiments, which clearly showed that in the airless space the product retains its freshness much longer.

The article will describe the manufacturing technology of a simple vacuum pump from parts available to absolutely everyone. With such a simple pump it will be possible to pump out air from the packaging.

Will need

  • Spare parts for food packaging.

  • A disposable syringe of any volume, but the larger it is, the easier and faster the work will be to remove air.

  • 2 valves.

  • Silicone tube.

  • Tee.

    All these details can be bought at the pharmacy - in droppers. Or in stores for aquarium fish.

    Production of a manual vacuum pump

    We cut three pieces of tubing of the same length.

    We connect them with a tee.

    We insert the valves into two of the three terminals - it does not matter. The main thing is that the valves inlet and outlet were connected to the tee in different ways.

    We connect the syringe to the remaining end.

    The vacuum pump is ready. Now, if the piston of the syringe is pulled back and forth, the valves will periodically work: it will let in one air and let out another.

    We connect a piece of hose with a length of 10-20 cm to the valve that produces the air. We cut the free end obliquely so that it does not stick to the package.

    Vacuum packaging

    We put the products in a package. We make a hole near the lock with a toothpick.

    We insert the tube for pumping and glue a small piece of adhesive tape on top. We snap the latch of the package. We pump out all possible air from the packaging.

    Now we pull out the hose and seal the hole with adhesive tape glued earlier.

    Done! Now the products will be stored for a longer time and keep fresh even at room temperature.