Christmas packaging in the form of Santa Claus

New Year holidays attract many, but especially children. Indeed, miracles happen on this magical night - Santa Claus comes and brings gifts. At the same time, beautifully packaged gifts will delight adults. We offer to make packaging in the form of Santa Claus, and the whole process of creating such a New Year’s crafts is given in our master class.

For the manufacture of festive packaging, we prepare:

  • - sheets of paper (red, cream and white);

  • - scissors (simple and curly);

  • - a ruler;

  • - glue stick;

  • - black marker;

  • - a simple pencil;

  • - color pencils (red and pink);

  • - golden braid.

For the packaging frame, we need to cut a rectangle along the long side of the sheet with a width of 11 cm.

Now with a pencil you need to outline future fold lines. First, you need to divide the rectangle in half, then draw an equilateral triangle in each half.

We do preliminary folds on the drawn lines.

Folded packaging will look like this.

It was the turn to do its design. To do this, take white paper and cut some elements from it with curly scissors: Santa Claus's beard, the edge of the cap and pompom.

We pre-apply them, but do not glue them yet. We need this in order to determine the place where the face of Santa Claus will be.

From a cream-colored paper, cut out a small piece for the face. Glue it.

Now you can fix the remaining elements of our New Year's packaging.

Using a black marker, draw eyes for Santa Claus.

Color pencils decorate the cheeks and nose.

On the beard, draw a smiling mouth.

Our packaging is almost ready. It remains only to insert a shiny braid. To do this, in the upper part, you need to make several holes on the same level. After that we pass the golden braid through them.

We tie a bow, not forgetting to put a gift.

Our Christmas packaging in the form of Santa Claus is ready.