Mini lighter soldering iron

To assemble a mini soldering iron from a regular lighter, you need about 15 minutes of your time. With the help of this soldering iron you can solder at least radio elements, at least wires. Such homemade work will surely help you out in an emergency.

You will need:

  • - masking tape.

  • - a small segment of a thick copper wire 1-3 mm.

  • - gas lighter, ordinary. Better to take with a piezoelectric element.

Making a lighter soldering iron

We take a thick wire and wrap a pencil or ballpoint pen. Do 4-6 turns, then pull out the pencil.

Then at one end we make such a hook with a right angle. At a distance of about 2 cm from the turns.

On the other hand, windings bite off the wire without any bends, at the same distance.

We sharpen the end a little with sandpaper - this will be a soldering iron tip.

Try on a lighter.

Around the lighter we make 5-7 layers of masking tape to heat the lighter from the hot tip.

Then we install the sting and fix it with the same masking tape.

When installing the tip, you need to consider that the center of the coil looks exactly in the hole of the lighter from which the flame exits.

The soldering iron is ready.

How to use?

Using is very simple.

We light the lighter, wait a couple of seconds, release the button and solder. As soon as the sting begins to cool, we immediately repeat the ignition for a few seconds and continue.

A very big plus of this craft is that you do not need an electrical network for soldering, which can come in handy.

For soldering, it is better to use tubular solder with flux (rosin) inside.

Also, during the soldering process, do not hold the lighter for very long in the combustion mode. No more than 5 seconds. To prevent the pressure mechanism from melting inside.

Watch the video instructions for making a lighter soldering iron