How to quickly cast a cable boss without a mold

Sometimes such a nuisance as a cable break and a factory boss at the end flies off. To make a new one, an injection mold is needed that will form the external contours of the metal. Of course, you can do it yourself, but it will take a lot of time and effort. And not the fact that all the details for her and the machines for the manufacture will be available.

I will demonstrate a simple way, life hack how to cast a new boss in literally 5 minutes. And we’ll make the fill mold out of a piece of wood. Yes, it is made of wood. Almost everyone, even the most seedy craftsman, will find a regular board and drills.

Will need

  • Flux, preferably paste.

  • The solder is tubular.

  • Gas burner with a cylinder.

  • Wooden block (piece of board).

We cast the boss of the cable into a wooden block

It is necessary to securely secure the bar, say in a vice. Next, drill a blind hole with a diameter of approximately 8 mm - this will be the future diameter of the boss.

Then, a hole is drilled along the thickness of the cable, which passes through a large one.

Getting down to casting

We insert the cable into the hole from the side to the stop.

Lay abundant flux. It will perform not only the function of solder traction with metal, but will also protect the walls of the mold from destruction.

Turn on the burner and heat up the flux. The tree immediately begins to char; this is normal.

After 5 seconds, we introduce a tubular solder.

Add it until it enters and its excess forms on top.

After the deepening is filled, we continue to warm up so that the metal spreads evenly and no voids form inside.

We are waiting for cooling. You can water it.

We cut a charred tree with a knife, freeing the cable.

Here is the boss after casting. Rough, but the process is not over yet.

We are finalizing the file according to the dimensions of the factory boss. The metal is soft, everything is done very quickly.

After processing, do not distinguish from the factory.

We install in the brake handle and proceed to operation.