PVC pipe stand

Typically, a garbage bag is placed in a bin and spread out to the sides. This is a familiar way for all of us to collect household waste. There is one significant drawback - the package is usually larger than a bucket, as a result, part of the usable volume is lost. Moreover, the round shape of the bucket is not entirely ergonomic at home.

I suggest you collect a kind of rack from the PVC pipes under the trash bag. This design fits perfectly instead of the usual garbage can from the bucket.

What do you need?

  • - special pipe cutter. You can also use a conventional hacksaw.

  • - PVC pipes or polypropylene.

  • - soldering iron when using polypropylene pipes.

Rack assembly

Determine the size of the rack. Here you need to consider which garbage bags will be used in the future, and the location of the rack. If, like most people, the garbage bin is in the headset under the sink, then, of course, the determining size will be the size of the location itself, not the package.

Such a knife perfectly cuts pipes in one motion.

We cut the pipes into a rack. This is what I got.

Now the assembly. If polypropylene pipes are used, then soldering.

There is nothing complicated. Dress up the package now. It looks great.

In addition, it is much more convenient to pick up a downloaded package from such a rack than from a bucket.

I made several such places for collecting different garbage. For a garage or workshop is very important. Now you can sort the garbage.

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