Ikebana for New Year's decor

Ikebana from spruce branches - a wonderful decoration of the New Year's table. It creates a festive atmosphere, while taking up very little space. This is surely appreciated by those who every year think about how to fit a Christmas tree in a small apartment.

For the base of the composition, take a small low vase. Its neck should be wide enough to fit a thick candle and several spruce branches.

Here the vase is transparent, it is made of glass, but any other will do. The main thing is its small size.

It is also worth noting that the candle in this composition is an exclusively decorative element. You can’t light it. Twigs are too close to the wax and may catch fire.


  • branches of spruce, pine;

  • candle - 2 pcs.;

  • decorative tape;

  • Christmas balls (diameter 1.5 cm);

  • glass vase.

Work instructions

The candle will be the main element in our ikebana. It is around her that we will collect green twigs. Therefore, we fix it first. To do this, drip a little molten wax from another candle at the bottom of the vase. Until it cools, we fasten our candle. After a few seconds, she will stand stably on her own.

Now in the space between the glass walls of the vase and the candle we insert green twigs. Suitable spruce, pine, juniper. You can use any evergreen plants for composition. They are the symbol of the New Year holidays around the world.

Around the neck of our vase we tie a bow from a red decorative ribbon. It will serve as an additional decoration.

From a narrower decorative ribbon, we will make several small bows. We use red, green and gold colors.

We place bows on green branches.

We hang a few Christmas balls on the extreme fir branches. Only jewelry is worth choosing the appropriate size. Too large will look out of place, and thin branches simply can not stand them.

New Year ikebana is ready!

And so that the branches stand for as long as possible and do not lose their needles, carefully pour a little clean water into the vase.