Plastic pipe hammock

Everyone loves to enjoy their vacation, and a hammock is perfect for this. For centuries, various types of hammocks have been used around the world. But I did something unusual that the light had not yet seen - a hammock made of PVC pipes. It is sturdy, wear resistant and waterproof. And most importantly - it is very convenient.

Materials and tools:

  • - PVC pipes;

  • - rope;

  • - 2 hooks;

  • - 2 anchor bolts with a ring;

  • - locksmith hacksaw;

  • - drilling machine.

Pipe selection

There is a large assortment of PVC pipes. But for my hammock, I opted for products made of PVC, because they are quite strong and elastic. I used pipes with an outer diameter of 4.2 cm. Do not use wider ones, since such a hammock will be inconvenient.

Pipe cutting

Now, using a hacksaw or a circular saw, we make pipe segments 65 cm long. And an additional 4 pieces of 15 cm for the headrest. The edges of the pipes must be cleaned with sandpaper. The length of the main pipes can be made more or less at your discretion. Due to the limited space for the hammock, I used 35 pipes. But you can make it longer by adding additional elements.

Drilling holes

To string on a rope in pipes, drill holes with a diameter of 12 mm. But before doing this, you need to make sure that their diameter will correspond to the thickness of the rope. First you need to make marks in the places where you will drill. Mark with a pen 5 cm from each edge of the plastic pipe. You will need a drilling machine. Since I didn’t have this, I turned to the workshop for help.


Thread the rope through the holes on both sides of the pipes.

Ceiling Anchors

Fasten 2 anchor bolts with a ring to the ceiling. The distance between them should be at least 3 m. The further they are located from each other, the more comfortable the hammock will be, since its deflection will be less.


It is necessary to tie very strong knots, as the whole hammock will hold onto them, and they will not allow it to slip. Using a photo is difficult to explain how to tie a knot. But on the Internet you can find many suitable options. The main thing is that the node has a loop. The photos show in detail what kind of node I have chosen.

After tying, put the loop on the hook. And now hang both ends on the anchor bolts.

Time to relax lying in a hammock

A hammock made of plastic pipes does not look like an ordinary one. When you lie in it, you experience completely different sensations. In this case, the hammock takes the bend of your body, and the pipes create the effect of massage and exposure to the active points of the skin. These feelings are easier to feel on yourself than to convey in words. I hope you enjoyed this workshop.

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