How I freeze eggplants for the winter, the best way

The simplest and most useful option for harvesting “blue” for future use is their freezing. But few people know that raw fruits are tough and not tasty. Even after heat treatment, they are very bitter and practically do not look like those eggplants that we eat in the summer. The best way is to harvest pre-warmed dark and nutritious fruits. They can be used throughout all the cold months. On their basis, you can make salads, caviar, saute, mashed soup and many other dishes. Their preparation does not require special culinary skills and efforts. All you need to do is prepare containers or special bags (with zipper), ripe “blue” and a baking dish.

Vegetables of any grade, shade, shape and size are suitable for harvesting. The main rule is the use of ripe (but not overripe) fruits and clean, dry containers for freezing. It should also be remembered: it is allowed to send a completely cooled blank to the chamber. This will prevent damage to the appliance.


  • - eggplant.


1. We wash each “blue” under a stream of water, removing dust and debris from its surface. Wipe with a dry cloth. We use for harvesting any number of fruits available to us. We lay out the eggplants in a shape suitable for us in diameter (in one row). Using a fork or knife edge, we make several punctures in each “blue” one, send vegetables to an electric furnace (140-150 degrees). We are waiting 25-40 minutes. The heat treatment period depends entirely on the texture and size of the fruit and it must be adjusted independently.

2. After the fruits become soft and slightly decrease in volume, remove them from the oven.

3. Remove the skin from slightly cooled eggplant.

4. Shred each fruit with cubes or cubes.

5. Put the prepared mass in a special (for freezing) container and seal it tightly.

After complete cooling, we send the baked eggplant to the freezer chamber.