Cable antenna for digital TV in 5 minutes

You can make a super simple and super fast antenna from a coaxial cable for receiving digital television channels in your hands for about 5 minutes. For this, you will not need absolutely anything except the cable itself. And this is the main plus of this antenna.

Nowhere is it without a TV.

This design will surely help you out, for example, when you just drove into a house and still managed to stretch the cable or put a stationary antenna. Of course, this is not the only example where this truly simple loop antenna will help.

Now someone will write in the comments that there are antennas even easier, such as whip antennas. For the manufacture of which it will be quite simple to remove two insulation from the cable and everything will work. Of course, I agree with this, but the loop antenna, which I will make of the coaxial cable, will have much greater gain, due to its directivity and resonantly closed circuit.

Coaxial cable antenna manufacturing

It looks like an option made of black cable.

And now the manufacture of the antenna in order. All we need is less than half a meter of coaxial cable of any color. I took the white one.

5 cm back from the edge of the cable and remove the top insulation.

Next, remove the insulation from the central core.

Now all together we gently and tightly twist.

Then, we retreat from the edge with the stripped insulation 22 cm and cut a piece of 2 cm of the top insulation and shielded wire from the fae, without touching the insulation of the central core.

Now we measure out another 22 cm from the end of the cut and make a cut of 1 cm wide only with the removal of the upper insulation. Do not touch the cable screen.

Next, we take the end of the cable from which we started. And we very tightly wind it at the last cut, forming a circle of the antenna.

On this, our antenna is ready to work. Of course this is not necessary, but if you hang the antenna on the street, then it is better to insulate all exposed places of the cable with electrical tape. You can also add a rigid frame, but this is optional.

Antenna Location

We direct the antenna to a repeater or television tower. The direction can be chosen empirically by rotating the antenna.

The best option would be if you place it outside the window, since the walls of the house dampen the high-frequency signal very much.

The check showed an excellent result.

Watch the video antenna manufacturing instructions

If you still don’t understand how to make an antenna from a cable, be sure to watch the video below or ask questions in the comments.