How to make a dispenser nozzle out of a plastic bottle cap and use cases

This life hack is definitely useful for everyone from a housewife to a car mechanic. Such a nozzle dispenser can be used in many sectors of our life. It is very simple to make it even in nature, in order to sprinkle kebab with water and this is only one idea from a dozen different applications, which will be discussed in more detail below.

Will need

  • Source of fire: a candle or a lighter.

  • A sharp, long object: a wooden skewer, a metal knitting needle, or something similar.

  • Scissors.

  • Long nose pliers.

Making a dispenser nozzle from a plastic cover

Take the pliers cover “upside down”. We light the candle flame and hold the center cover over it.

It is not necessary to bring it very close to the flame. After about 10 seconds, the plastic should warm up. We remove the lid and with the tip of the skewer we carefully push through the softened plastic. The skewer should not be very sharp - it is better to start it a little in advance.

There is no need to rush either, everything is done smoothly, practically without effort.

Attention: as soon as the “nose” is pulled out, the skewer is not pulled out, we are waiting for complete cooling. Then get wet in water for final cooling and then we pull out the skewer.

We take scissors and we cut off the tip of the nose of the desired diameter, depending on what the dispenser will be used for. If for a thick liquid, then we cut closer to the base so that the hole is larger and the liquid comes out faster.

Done! Our nozzle dispenser is ready.

Use cases

There can be dozens of applications for such a useful thing, and I will give only a few that come to my mind. And you will understand how useful and even irreplaceable this is!

Dispenser nozzle can be applied:

  • For mixing cocktails, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

  • For dosing sunflower oil, oil, sauce, vinegar, etc.

  • For dispensing glue.

  • Like a funnel for filling small volumes.

  • Like a pastry syringe, if you cut off the neck of a bottle and put on a bag with a lid. Decorate cakes, glaze.

    It can even be used in a garage: like an oiler. In general, a bunch of applications, I think you yourself will understand this.