PVC pipe screwdriver holder

In this workshop I will tell you how to make a holder for a cordless screwdriver out of PVC pipes.

For this project you will need the following.


  • PVC pipe with a diameter of 75 mm.

  • Wood screws.

  • Washers


  • Drill and drill.

  • Cutting machine with table, miter saw and other cutting tools.

  • Construction hair dryer.

What and why

From time to time, I try to improve my workshop. I try to rationally use its space and make everything more convenient. Today it’s the turn of storing my cordless screwdrivers, because constantly leaving them on the table is not the best option.

I used a PVC pipe with a diameter of 75 mm. This is an ordinary pipe that can be found in any hardware store. Measured and made segments of the desired length. For my instruments, 23 cm is best suited.


Noted at what depth my instruments will be inserted.

I did this job on a cutting machine. As a limiter, I fixed a clamp on the table so that the depth of the cut remains the same for all pipes.

Then he put marks on 4 cm in each direction from the inner edge of the cut and made a file between them with a miter saw.

All of the above work can be done using an angle grinder or even a hacksaw. In my case, I used what was at hand and tried to do the job as quickly as possible.


The diameter of the pipe was not enough to fit the tools in it, so I heated the incised parts with a construction hairdryer and bent them the way I needed. Be consistent at this point, do not try to do everything at once. Because you can bend the pipe too much or even break it.

I cleaned out all the sharp edges with a knife and sandpaper with P80 grain.


I drilled three small holes in the upper part of the pipe for mounting on a shelf. And one big thing on the opposite side - it will help get to the head of a distant screw.

I twisted three small screws with washers. Washers will help distribute the weight of the screwdriver over a large area of ​​the pipe.


The work took 40 minutes and the device was very inexpensive. I liked what I did and thought why I hadn’t made such holders before.

I think this is the device that everyone should have, especially if you have several screwdrivers.

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