DIY tile laying

Recently, ceramic tile has become an important element in apartments and houses. Most often, wall tiles are made in the bathroom, bathroom or in the working area of ​​the kitchen. In addition, tiles are laid on the floor in the hallway, as well as on other surfaces that are subject to rapid wear and pollution.

Much depends on the design of the apartment, as well as on how the furniture in the room will be placed in the future and what kind of furniture it will be.

When tiled, you can contact the builders. In this case, you will always be sure that they will lay the tiles in a quality manner. The only thing that stops making such a decision is the expensive cost of the work. Therefore, having minimal skills in laying tiles, you can quickly and accurately perform this work. At the same time, you will spend less money and time.

When starting to lay ceramic tiles, pay attention to the following rules:

Before laying the tiles, it is necessary to level the surface of the wall, treating it with a primer.

Start laying tiles from bottom to top. In this sequence: laid the first row from the floor and then successively stack it to the desired height.

Please note that the tile is laid strictly horizontally, while using special wedges or crosses made of plastic. They will allow you to maintain the same size of the indentation of the tiles from each other.

Apply the adhesive mass to the wall vertically using a comb or a notched trowel.

During the installation of the tile, it needs to be pressed a little so that there is a good adhesion to the glue and the surface. Constantly apply the level when laying tiles, this will allow you to lay the tile exactly vertically and horizontally.

If the tile does not fit in the corner, it needs to be cut. To do this, you need to have a tile cutter. But if you first started laying tiles, it is better to use a grinder. Prepared trimming for corners should be laid last.

According to the same principle, tiles are laid on the floor. In this case, choose the direction of the work. But it is better to do this from the far corner towards the doorway.

In order for the rows to be laid evenly and parallel, it will be more convenient to lay the tile under a stretched thread or fishing line. With the help of the construction level, make sure that in time to correct deviations in the installation.

Know that the complete hardening of the adhesive occurs in a day. After completion of work, the surface of the tile must be thoroughly cleaned of the remaining glue and fill all joints with grout.