PVC pipe flower stand

This is an inexpensive, simple and interesting stand for indoor flowers. It is great for accommodating small plants. If you change the dimensions of the elements of the pipes, then you can get a new form of stand.

Materials and Tools


  • 4 flower trays (lower part 185 x 185 mm, upper 270 x 270 mm);

  • PVC pipe (diameter - 25 mm, length - 5 m);

  • 18 tees;

  • 4 branches (corners).


Pipe cutter for plastic pipes.

Cutting elements from a pipe.

We cut two pipes 440 mm in size, 19 short pieces of 200 mm and 8 connecting pieces of 30 mm each (for connection with a tee). The remainder can be saved for other products. When cutting, an error of 5 mm will not matter much, since it can be eliminated with the help of connecting elements.

The connection is the first level.

Take 4 tees and 6 short pipes. Connect them as shown.

Connection of the second level.

We take 4 tees and two long pipes. Long pipes on both sides must go into the tees. Connect the first and second levels.

The connection is the third level.

Take 4 connecting pieces and 6 short pipes. Connect them together like the first level. Take 4 connecting pieces and insert them into the mid-level tees of the stand. Connect all the levels together.

Connection of the fourth level.

Take 6 tees, 5 short pipes as shown in the photo. Connect them to the third level.


The flower stand is almost ready. Next, we make it more beautiful. We take 4 branches, 2 short pipes and 4 connecting pipes. Bends are put on the ends of short pipes, then connecting pipes are inserted into them. Now everything looks beautiful.

Strengthening the design.

When you finish assembling the stand, glue must be applied to the joints.


Place the trays on the stand. And now everything is ready.

After what has been said.

At the second level, you can use the tees shown in the photo.

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