Bolt tap on wood

For many projects, you may need to thread in a wooden material. The right tap can be expensive, and you also have to look for the store where it is sold. For home use, the tool can be made from a bolt. Its production will take 5 minutes, and the result will amaze you.

Tools and materials


  • Angle grinder.

  • Sharpening machine.

  • Drill.


  • Screw or screw with the required thread size.


    If you use a bolt, you must cut the hex head. Next, we form a small lead-in using a grinding machine. To do this, it can be rotated manually or fixed in a drill - so grinding will take place more symmetrically. Using such a tap will be more convenient.

    Fasten the tap and groove the chip grooves

    Secure the tap with a clamp or vise. Then grind 3 or 4 chip grooves. They will contribute to the separation of wood chips during threading.

    Thread cleaning

    This can be done with a nut by screwing it along the entire length of the tap. This will clear it of all the spikes formed as a result of turning the chip grooves.

    Fix the tap in the chuck and when the drill is working, make sure that it rotates exactly along the axis. I did not notice any unevenness on the chuck from the thread. But if you want to avoid possible damage, grind the thread at the clamp.

    Hole threading

    We drill a hole for the thread. Its diameter should be equal to the smaller diameter of the tap. When tapping, turn the tap slowly. After each revolution, it is necessary to scroll it in the opposite direction, so that the chips crumble. This thread will not be as strong as that of a sleeve or tie, but in some applications it will be quite suitable.

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