How to make a glass jar shockproof

Many had unpleasant situations when a full glass jar was broken due to an accidental blow on a hard or sharp object and all the contents spilled onto the ground. There is a fairly effective method of protecting it.

What to prepare

Depending on the diameter of the cans, plastic bottles of the appropriate size should be prepared. To protect a three-liter jar, a five-liter plastic bottle is excellent; a 0.75-liter glass jar is the same diameter as a one and a half liter bottle. Additionally, you need a building hair dryer, you can use an ordinary household with a power of 2 kW. Plastic is cut with an assembly knife, the edges are fixed with scissors.

Work process

With a mounting knife, cut off the top of a five-liter plastic bottle. Leave the height as large as possible, do not touch the cylindrical section.

Insert a three-liter glass jar inside the workpiece, lower it to the bottom.

Scissors trim the uneven edges of the plastic.

Use a building hair dryer to start sitting plastic around the can. Turn it constantly, heat as it shrinks. Try to keep the plastic as even as possible, do not leave protrusions, you need to heat evenly. Remember that the polymer melts at a temperature of more than 150 degrees Celsius, work carefully, do not allow complete melting.

The bottom thickness is much larger than the walls, it is more difficult to plant it. It needs to be heated longer, if this does not help, then after softening the polymer, press the jar firmly to a flat surface. It will occupy the desired position, and the plastic will remain intact.

As a result, after heating, the plastic bottle should fit snugly over the glass jar over the entire area — a strong and airtight cover was obtained.

Using the same algorithm, finish the can in a half liter plastic bottle.

Now you can check the effectiveness of protection. Fill the jars with water, hold the neck with one hand, and strike the side surfaces with the hammer. Moderate loads do not have a negative effect. With fairly strong impacts, the glass breaks, but the jar maintains integrity, water does not pour out.

A three-liter jar breaks easier, but in this case, the liquid does not spill, even when the glass is completely shed. If necessary, cover can be covered with gauze and pour water without pieces of glass.


Conclusion - time is not wasted in vain, the method is effective. Those who often travel to the woods to various harvesting or to the country, it is recommended to protect several cans of various sizes in this way. Even if they break, the interior and body of the car will remain dry and clean.