Heart shaped candy bouquet

A box of chocolates has long been a classic present. But if we are talking about a special recipient, sweets can also be presented in a more beautiful package.

A bouquet of heart-shaped sweets is a surprisingly beautiful and romantic gift. This will certainly surprise and please the girl on Valentine's Day. A heart of sweets can be presented to your beloved on March 8. And you can present a bouquet of sweets to your girlfriend for a birthday.

It is worth remembering only that during the holidays such things should be ordered in advance. And you can make a heart out of sweets with your own hands. In this case, the gift will turn out to be truly unique and creative.

To create a candy heart you will need:

  • corrugated paper;

  • cardboard;

  • Scotch;

  • double sided tape;

  • scissors;

  • wrapping paper;

  • decorative tape;

  • candies.

Candy Heart Making Instructions

To begin, prepare the basis of our candy bouquet - the heart. We will do it from cardboard. To do this, draw two hearts with a pencil. We place the first so that one of its even sides is strictly vertical. The second heart is a mirror image of the first. In this case, the distance between the two vertical sides of two hearts makes two centimeters.

Cut the workpiece along a common external contour. We leave two hearts fastened together by a jumper. We lay two bends along it.

We glue the base with red corrugated paper. From the outside, we pull the paper a little. We fix it on the inside with tape. We cut off the excess edges of the paper so that they do not create excess volume.

Now, on the front side, our double heart looks elegant and beautiful.

Prepare the filling for the bouquet. We decorate each candy. To do this, cut the wrapping paper into squares (side 14 cm).

Add a square of brown paper a little diagonally.

In the center of the resulting workpiece we place the candy. We fix it with tape.

We wrap the edges of the wrapping paper around the candy in the form of a “bag”. Fasten with tape. So you need to decorate all the other sweets.

A few "pockets" of wrapping paper roll up empty. They can fill the empty space between the sweets in the finished bouquet.

Glue a piece of double-sided tape on the “bag” with candy.

Each “bag” is attached to the inside of the cardboard heart. We place the candies along the outer edge of one heart so that the sharp corners of the brown paper protrude slightly outward.

Glue double-sided tape on the “pads”. In some places we glue curls from a decorative tape. We bend the cardboard, firmly pressing the second heart to the sweets.

From a strip of corrugated paper we make a small bow. We decorate it with a decorative ribbon.

Glue the bow to the heart using double-sided tape.

Bouquet of sweets in the shape of a heart is ready!