How to freeze peppers to save space in the refrigerator

In winter, you never want tasty, mouth-watering, satisfying and wholesome dishes. They are easy to create, having in stock various preparations that can be easily done for the future, even without special cooking skills. All you need for this is high-quality, juicy, ripe and bright vegetables, special containers, bags with a fastener and a freezer chamber. Such freezing, in contrast to the "whole" one, significantly saves space in your freezer.

Sweet paprika is an indispensable ingredient for various salads, sauté, borsch, soups, caviar and stew. It can be added to hot sandwiches, decorated with slices of bright pepper sandwiches and holiday canapes. In the winter season, it is expensive and does not have as many beneficial properties as a product grown in the sun. Therefore, preparing paprika in the summer is a rational right decision that will help you not only save money, but also diversify your winter menu. For freezing, choose paprika of any grade, shade and shape. The main thing is that it be ripe, juicy and have high taste.


  • - paprika.

  • - a plastic container with a lid.


1. We wash each ripe and bright fruit under water, put it on a napkin to remove moisture from the pepper surface as much as possible. This will allow us to create the perfect frozen product. For harvesting, we can use both fruits of one shade and multi-colored vegetables.

2. Cut off the “tail” of each paprika and remove the seed box. Repeat the process with all the peppers.

3. We divide the fruits into two parts. Shred them in strips.

4. Or small cubes. It depends on the dish in which we plan to use the workpiece.

5. Put the product in a suitable container and close the lid. We send pieces of sweet paprika for storage in the refrigerator chamber.

We use slices of frozen paprika at our discretion at any time.