Universal IR remote control from a smartphone

The smartphone has long migrated from the category of ordinary phones, which are used purely for calls. Hundreds of different applications allow you to turn your smartphone into various digital devices, thereby greatly simplifying our lives.

And today, I want to show you how to make a universal IR remote control from almost any smartphone, with which you can control TVs, music centers and other equipment.

We need absolutely a little: two IR LEDs that can be torn out from old remotes or bought - HERE . Three and a half millimeter jack plug from old headphones or buy HERE .

A smartphone with the Android system and the Internet for downloading applications from Google Play.

Scheme of prefix IR remote control from a smartphone

All you need to do is solder the two on-parallel LEDs to the connector. And your prefix will be ready. It is necessary to solder to the outputs of the left and right channels, the general output will not be involved.

Assembling a console for an IR remote control

First of all, I glued the LEDs together with super glue, twisted the output and soldered it.

Further, I shortened the output, since they turned out to be too long. Then he bit off the common wire at the plug with a pair of pliers and soldered the LEDs to the central terminals. Everything turned out pretty neatly.

Now all this needs a case. Since I took a new plug with a case, I simply cut off the top with a clerical knife and assembled the entire prefix.

You can fill it with hot glue or put it on and blow the heat shrink tube.

This completes the assembly.

Application installation

We follow this link and download the application to our phone with installation.

AUDIO IR - //play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ir_remoter&hl=en

After installation, run the application, select the model of your equipment in the settings that you want to control. We click on the buttons that appear, checking the operation of the console.

The thing is very convenient, given the large number of remotes in one phone.

PS: If the application suddenly does not work or does not like, then you can look for another. To do this, enter “Audio IR” in the Google Play search bar.

Now you can take this tiny console with you anywhere and control various equipment in common areas.

Watch the video of the manufacture of the console