Postcard "Heart with eyes"

Favorite people need to be pleased all the time, but when there is a reason, it is simply necessary. Valentine's Day involves small gifts - valentines. But their value is not in value, but in the attention shown. That is why it is preferable to make a valentine with your own hands.

Valentine's Day is not an official holiday, and came relatively recently. But how many supporters he has! And after all, there are more of them every year.

Classic gifts on this day - figures of hearts or other souvenirs. Greeting card for Valentine's Day must certainly be bright, unusual and cute. That is exactly what “Heart with eyes” is.


  • colored paper;

  • glue;

  • rhinestones in the shape of a heart - 5 pcs.;

  • plastic eyes - 2 pcs.;

  • scissors;

  • curly scissors.

    Work instructions

    From red colored paper you need to cut out the heart. So that it is of the correct form, it is preferable to use a template from the Internet. We choose a bright shade for paper, in which case the postcard will turn out more beautiful.

    We use the rug of the album sheet as a basis. However, ordinary office paper or thin cardboard is also suitable. Fold the base in half. Glue our heart in the center and a little above.

    Glue the plastic eyes in the upper part of the heart.

    With a black pencil or a thin marker we draw cilia above the eyes and a smiling mouth (just below).

    Make an inscription on a strip of red paper. To make it look more elegant, we cut off the edges with curly scissors. We also make the inscription a black marker.

    Glue the strip with the inscription a little tilted. We place it under the heart.

    We attach rhinestones in the shape of hearts near the heart with eyes.

    Next to the inscription, we also paste rhinestones-hearts.

    The card “Heart with eyes” is ready!