Simple alarm from mobile phone

If your old mobile phone with buttons is lying around at home, then do not rush to throw it away.

In this article I will describe how to make a mobile alarm from an old push-button mobile phone.

Where to start manufacturing?

First we need to configure the phone itself. In the phone settings, turn off all kinds of sounds and lights.

Turn off the phone’s auto-lock and hang up the speed dial number on button 2.

To assemble our mechanism, we need the usual things that are in every house.


1. Nail - it should be slightly longer than the phone itself, about 1.5 cm.

2. Mounting dowel - into which without a backlash but a nail easily enters.

3. The squeezing spring is approximately 1.5 cm long.

4. Clerical gum - To clamp the speed dial button.

5. Clothespin - from it we will make a nail hoist.

6. And of course the mobile phone itself.

Alarm Assembly Instructions

1. First, cut the dowel into three parts.

The first part - we cut off the cap from the dowel about 1 cm long.

The second part - cut off the part of the dowel approximately 2-2.5 cm long.

The third part - cut off the part of the dowel approximately 0.5 cm long.

2. We clean the nail from irregularities and chipping with the usual file so that it easily glides inside the cut parts from the dowel.

3. We glue the parts of the dowel to the phone, for convenience we use the same nail to stick them in one direction.

For convenience, I also used hot melt glue since it quickly glues and dries, but you can also use other suitable glue.

  • Glue the smallest part on the button.

  • The largest part is glued at the top of the phone above the screen, with a nail, we direct and glue both parts along one axis.

    4. We put a cap on the dowel on the nail, and then squeeze the spring, lubricate with a drop of mechanical oil and put the nail into the glued parts of the dowel on the phone. This way we have a primitive button that will fulfill the main role of the alarm.

    5. We cut off the tip from the clothespin and in the middle we wipe the file with a nail or nail the lifting track.

    6. We glue this lift at the very bottom of the phone under the “0” button so that the tip of the nail barely touches the lift and is aimed at the lift track.

    7. We wind stationery gum on the phone and a nail in 4-5 turns opposite the button "2" so that it (button "2") is in a constantly pressed state.

    That's all, now when we click on the primitive button of our mechanism, the button “2” exits the pressed state and nothing happens, but when we release the button of our primitive mechanism the button “2” will again be in the pressed state, thereby dialing a number


    With the door closed, gently holding the button, glue the alarm at the top of the door to double-sided tape.

    More details are shown and described in the video below.

    I hope you enjoyed this homemade product. Thanks for your attention!