How to make a small wind generator

So, we are going to make a small wind generator. It can be made at home. 90% of the parts are made of plastic pipes and fitting, so it can easily be disassembled for transportation and reassemble. Let's start.

Blade making

To do this, you will need a plastic pipe with a diameter of 8 cm and a length of 25 cm.

Cut it lengthwise into three equal parts. We cut each part lengthwise at an angle and from the received parts we cut a blade, as in the figure.

For the base of the screw we take any round plate with a diameter of 6 cm.

We make three equally distant holes in it and with the help of small bolts and nuts we fix the blades to the plate.

Base manufacture

On the basis and mast of the wind generator, a screw, a generator, a tail and a rotary mechanism are installed. The foundation is very simple. To do this, you need a few short pieces of plastic pipe and some fitting elements.

4 taps and 3 tees are connected, as in the figure.

Make the tail

For normal operation of the wind generator, you need a tail. What is his purpose? The tail is needed to automatically rotate the propeller axis when the wind direction changes.

To make it, you need to cut a plate of galvanized steel, make a slot in a plastic pipe, insert a plate into it and fasten everything with a bolt.

Case with generator

To make a case with a generator you will need:

  • electrical wire

  • plastic handle case,

  • plastic tee

  • two bearings

  • 3 V DC motor (generator)

Insert the generator into the tee.

Fix bearings on a common axis.

As an axis, you can use a segment of the handle body.

One bearing must be attached to the tee.

Mini wind generator is ready

Place the wind generator opposite the fan.

Connect the test leads to the output wires. Yes, the device will show that an electric current is being generated. With an efficient generator, you can charge a 3-volt battery. In addition, in a similar way, you can make a larger wind generator, which can be used to charge a mobile phone.

Watch the video of the wind generator