Very simple soldering tool

A very simple third-hand soldering fixture is fairly easy to assemble from several common components. You will need only 15 minutes and you will have an easy-to-use device with which you will not only no longer get burned with a soldering iron, but also will wake up the difficult parts several times faster.

Required Details

  • A radiator from the processor of any computer.

  • A pair of crocodile clips.

  • A pair of screws.

  • Fan.


    • Hot glue gun.

    • Screwdriver.

      Making a soldering tool

      All that is needed is to screw the screws on the radiator along the edges. Like this:

      If there is no hole in your clamps, then you can simply drill it with a thin drill or pierce it with a nail.

      In the end, you need to tighten the clamps very tightly to the radiator, the main thing is that they do not hang, otherwise it will be impossible to solder.

      Next, take a fan.

      And glue it with hot glue on the opposite side of the radiator.

      We connect the fan to the 12 V power supply.

      This fan carries several functions at once: it removes smoke from the spot zone, and also cools the elements heated by soldering faster.

      That's all our soldering fixture is ready! It is perfect for a beginner radio amateur.

      Pluses of this device:

      • All available parts.

      • Simple construction.

      • Portability.

        Also, to this device, one could add a small LED spotlight that illuminated the soldering spot. And to power it as well as a fan from 12 V. But this is only an idea, for those who want to go far and not stop there. Good luck.